The importance of a reliable billing system cannot be over emphasized though there are couple of billing softwares out there, all of these softwares only focuses on the traditional way of bill management; just form the Admin to the customer. Anyway, fact still remains that automations are KEY to any billing management application. So that incase of over 50,000 customers or more are ordering your services, you would be able to focus on support and other important stuffs for your business.

The introduction of FHBRS will revolutionize the mode of reselling online. We didn't just focus on the Admin and customer, we are focusing on the whole Business! Before we explain in details let’s write the challenges faced in some industries FHBRS would be more useful, the opportunities and possible solutions.


1) Reselling Structure: We have built a system that makes it possible for businesses offer their services for free or for a subscription fee. With this, resellers don’t have to commit any extra startup funds and they can also resell without Limit. FHBRS makes it possible to offer for resell all the services offered while the end users pays for the service and the resellers make profit by doing so from their websites.

2) Modules: FHBRS comes with a complete solution and features recommendation segment. As long as you have a valid license, our developers would develop any additional module needed for your business growth, with this you don’t need to budget any extra license fees for modules and plugins on the application

3) Advert Budget: If you use FHBRS you would be able to compete even with a low marketing budget compared to other billing system. If your initial Marketing budget was able to register just about 500 Active Resellers for example. This means your resellers would advertise to get sales which also means your income opportunity would be X500 from other businesses.

4) Number of customers & Orders: From the example above, if about 100 – 200 businesses are advertising your business then there are higher chances of getting more customers and orders. Before you can compete among existing competitors, your revenue sheet must be a little decent and promising. FHBRS gives this perfect opportunity to attain this height.

5) Reviews: Since FHBRS gives you the opportunity to enables resellers earn at a 100% white labeled model then this means there are opportunity for more reviews on different businesses under your network.
Your business would not only rely on the reviews on your primary domain, you would also enjoy from other positive reviews made on your reseller’s domains. In case your own domain doesn’t have the perfect scores of review, some of your resellers would!

6) Brand & Business Age: One fact still remain that, there are some existing companies who would just want to move to your solution while they allow you run everything for them. Sometimes they are already established with some good domain reputation & a long business age. So this gives an opportunity just like you own it since your business controls all other reseller’s website

7) Globalization: FHBRS makes it very easy to target a global Market. Since resellers would easily advertise to their locals then the option of global targeting becomes easier and cheaper to achieve

8) Multiple Language Support: Resellers can decide to offer their services in their local language based on targeting. FHBRS makes it possible to work with several Languages easily even from the support panel.

9) Multiple Currency Support: There are over 200 Currencies with regular live currency update daily to enable anyone using FHBRS offer accurate multiple currency system. Since there shall be resellers from different regions offering their service in different languages; the multiple currencies are options that support the whole diversity idea.

Order Automations

The beauty of this system is the automations and its easy configurations. The automations on all Products make it perfect for anyone who wants to use FHBRS. Server automations, invoice & repayment automations, full reseller setup automations and many more.

You don’t need to do anything setting up a reseller’s site, the reseller just points a domain using the name servers provided and then after propagation the reseller’s website is ready for configuration. The configuration steps are advised with a step by step documentation. We have a very strong Automation checks that notifies you if any automation stops or isn’t properly configured, with this you are able to fully monitor the system easily.

Reseller Pre-Built Templates

There are currently over 100 ready to use templates where resellers can just change text or images. These 100 templates are pre-built, this means that they are ready to be used as soon as they are chosen.

As long as you have a valid license with us, you would benefit from all other upgrades automatically as we constantly add to the number of ready to use templates on our system. In the future we shall have very advance template building system which would accommodate web designers who want to have a full control of how their website should look.

License Support

We understand that systems like this would need lots of support for users who are using it for the first time and even advance users who would require more features and suggestions.

We have a 24/7 support system via tickets. As long as you have a valid license with us, support remains a priority for us and we shall attend to every query as soon as possible.

Moving To FHBRS?

We don’t charge anyone for this! Even if you have 1Million customers, we would correctly move all your clients to FHBRS for free. Create a ticket for this purpose.

Flexible Design

The way FHBRS is designed, a reseller can also be a customer. Super admin can also be a customer. Everyone is an end user but where you register matters. If you install FHBRS then you are the super admin, anyone who registers from your own website is a reseller and also a customer, if a user registers from a reseller’s website then he is the end user and he would only see services for the end user.

But in the real sense even the super admin and the reseller can still make an order from their billing. The reseller can also pay for an item for an end user from his reseller dashboard, this makes the whole process quite easy and flexible.

License Fee

Our basic plan begins from $150 monthly. FHBRS is focused on businesses or individuals who want to offer advance reselling services. There are also Limited licenses available to the public, this is to promote limited reselling opportunities so that we can actually have resellers available to resell on the internet!

Your Business With FHBRS' Selling Points

The FHBRS has some exclusive selling points that would attract lots of resellers to resell from your website. Normally this will attract both experienced and non-experienced web users since its basically free and easy to setup. These selling points are what will attract users easily, some of them are;

Free Reselling

Selling Point

Resellers would be able to resell all your services for free. For free means, they don’t have to deposit anything before they are able to resell on their custom domain store. Also, they have ability to resell unlimited products which makes it better than the traditional way of reselling.

Pre-Built Templates

Selling Point

There are over 100 Pre-Built ready to use Templates. These templates already have a working image, text, and prices which already are correctly displayed.
So, the reseller just needs to upload his logo and probably modify any image or text he wants changed. With this, existing knowledge of web design is not needed

Free Support

Selling Point

You can decide to enable or disable this option. If enabled, all reseller’s website will show the live-chat you have configured and then all live support will be provided by you. This will remove a whole lot of burden on the reseller who doesn’t need to worry about providing support. Also, Tickets are responded by you so the reseller is on a journey to making profits only!

Custom Design

Selling Point

Yeah sometimes some resellers want to have their own design, either WordPress or custom design and also connect it to the free reselling system. FHBRS makes this possible with the custom design system and very simple API calls to connect to the main billing. So any user who wants a total different front end from the pre-built templates we have provided can use this option.

Custom Payment

Selling Point

Sometimes we understand that the company might not provide all the payment methods as desired by the reseller, so we built a feature that makes it possible for the reseller to configure his own payment system and accept payments to his own Company name while leaving some balance in his reseller account to complete such orders when ordered.

Zero Running Cost

Selling Point

Except if the reseller is making a huge Marketing budget monthly, there is nothing else to spend money on. Resellers would just enjoy from the simple and easy profit generating system from all their customers.
There is no need to budget for regular CPanel license, billing license, addons, live chat, website maintenance support e.t.c

Easy Configuration

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Owning a reseller account is as easy as just creating an account and changing your domain’s name servers to what is configured.

Language Support

Selling Point

The Several language support even makes reselling much more easier. This makes global targeting possible.

Local Currency

Selling Point

Reseller would be able to resell in whatever currency as required since there are over 200 currencies to select from.

Some Ready To Use Module On FHBRS

We work with a whole lot of technologies and applications to make FHBRS a global choice, here are a few.


The all-in-one solution for
reselling management

As long as reselling is concerned on the internet, FHBRS remains the First software you can use dedicated for this purpose. We have every feature needed to take your business to the next level.

  • Reseller Registration
  • Order Management
  • 2FA
  • User Management
  • Profits Statistics
  • Affiliate Track
  • Withdraw Earnings
  • Traffic Statistics
  • Website Configuration
  • Price Setup
  • Coupons Management
  • API Setup