Start Your Own B2B2C SaaS Business With FHBRS.

FHBRS makes it possible for you to run a B2B2C business model with a 100% white labeled structure for anyone who signs-up on your website.

A Reselling
Solution Built For Innovators!

Have you also wondered why resellers have to pay before they can resell the services offered by that same Company?

FHBRS makes it possible for any online business offer a free reselling service to Resellers while only the end users pay. The Reseller's website and billing panel is 100% White Labeled with several Pre-Built front end Templates the reseller can easily choose from.

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Possible X100 Revenue Increase

If you have 100 active resellers, this means your business is opened to 100 different opportunities to take multiple orders from.

Advance Reselling System

The popularity of our system will put an end to the old ways of reselling digital services. Adapt to our revolutional change today!

Easy Global Expansion

Your Company wanted to expand to other regions and it's looking expensive to manage? Our solution will make this possible from your primary domain.

Enjoy Swift Automations

From reseller's registration to reseller's website setup, customer's order creation and even package modifications and setups. Automations got you covered!


Run Your B2B2C SaaS Business Using FHBRS

Installing FHBRS makes it possible for you to provide your services to both your direct customers, your resellers' customers & to your resellers. It's a complete all in one solution that transforms a simple idea into a dynamic process.
If you already run a digital service selling to customers, here with FHBRS, you could turn your customers into resellers who could take advantage of your easy reselling model for their own customers who becomes your customers also.

check 100% White Labeled
check Pre-built Templates
check B2B2C Business model
check Digital Business Model
check Reseller API
check Inbuilt Tickets
check Email Templates
check X100 Revenue
check Sub Admins
check Affiliate System

Why You Should Use FHBRS as your Reselling Solution.

It's quite easy to setup and everyone can earn easily with just an account and a domain name. Some tests we monitored, we noticed over X100 in revenue for parent companies because it was very easy to generate more revenue from several resellers' website.

We have designed a system that makes it possible for any reseller to resell all the services offered by the parent Company without having to pay before it can be resold on their custom website. Resellers don't need any technical knowledge before they can resell & there are several Pre-Built ready made templates which can be selected for immediate Launch for the reseller's website.


FHBRS Solution for hosting Companies.


FHBRS Solution for digital businesses


FHBRS Solution for online tickets, SEO, tools and more!


FHBRS As The Super Admin

You are in control of everyone and everything. All resellers, their customers, orders, invoice, tickets, traffic logs and many more. As the Main Admin, you setup all basic configurations needed like basic prices, packages, automation rules and many more.

check Manage All Resellers
check Manage All End Users
check Manage All Orders
check Total System Control

FHBRS As A Reseller

A reseller on FHBRS is able to simply point a domain name using either A records or the given nameservers. Can set which price they wants to resell, setup all META Tags and SEO stuffs, view all pending & completed orders, set payment configurations, set invoice FROM address, view profits, setup withdrawal details, choose ready to use templates and many more.

check Price Configuration
check Profits Withdrawals
check Website Configuration
check Other SEO Confs

FHBRS As The Customer

As a cutomer who want to buy a domain or any hosting service like shared hosting, VPS, Dedicated server and so on or any service offered by the parent company. The client area is very simple to navigate with several payment options as set by the Reseller. Customers are able to manage all their services easily from their dashboard. Every page has it's own documentation so this makes understanding very easy incase of confusion.

check Manage Domains
check Manage Hosting Services
check Renew Services
check Tickets, Invoice & More

FHBRS Guarantees 100% White Label Reselling Process.

Yes, we know that resellers need to resell with some Anonymity, we have this totally covered.

White Labeled Payment System

If enabled, resellers can setup their own local payment sytem. This way, customers would see everything in the reseller's company name.

White Labeled Customer Invoice

The invoice generated & downloadable by the customer would be in the reseller's configured company name, address and phone number.

White Labeled Front Website

Over 100 available Pre-Buit templates can be re-designed by the reseller also there is an option for a complete custom design.

White Labeled Billing Panel

The customer's billing panel is not left out. Footer shows the reseller's company name, logo is custom even all email templates too.