Technical Support

Since FHBRS is what we have built, be rest assured that you would be getting a first class support from real experts and developers who would attend to all issues you might face. Only users with an active license can create a support Ticket.

check We understand that this application is as good as useless without an effective support system.
check We have written hundreds of write ups in our knowledgebase to guide both users, resellers and super admins.
check We have several support channels to assit and all channels are active and reliable and dedicated towards your success.

Contact Info

Please create a Support Ticket for technical issues & all general issues related to FHBRS while all other channels can be used for general enquires.

Address: 16 Cedarwoods Crescent , Kitchener ON N2C2L4, CANADA.

Telegram Channel: FHBRSolutions

Facebook: FHBRSolutions

linkedin: FHBRS

Twitter: FHBRSolution

Telegram: FHBRSolution